SportsAbility Expo in Tallahassee, FL
SportsAbility is planned for April 19-20, 2024!
We look forward to seeing you there!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make SportsAbility a success - all of our sponsors, volunteers, exhibitors and participants - we couldn't do this without you! 

SportsAbility 2023: Our first year back in person since 2019 was a wonderful success!

More than 600 people attended the 3-day event which kicked off with an Opening Ceremony on Thursday evening at the Miracle Sports Field with baseball, great music from DJ Sam, a visit from the Miracle Moose, and tasty snacks from Kiwanis.

The Friday event at TCC was a blast! Students from area schools attended and enjoyed sit volleyball, tennis, archery, a display for the Fish and Wildlife Commission, and a number of other activities. Approximately 25 exhibitors and activity providers from state and local agencies, non-profits, service providers, and community advocates provided information and demonstrations. Performances by the Pyramid Studio Dancers, and from Hart and Soul--a band from Gretchen Everhart School added to the fun and excitement. Hector Del Valle, a nationally recognized, disability advocate, shared his experiences during his more than 38 years of living life from his wheelchair.  

woman in a wheelchair shooting a crossbow
people playing bean bag toss in the gym   dance performance people holding a parachute and playing with a beach ball in a gym
people of all abilities playing sit volleyball in a gym  man in a wheelchair speaking into a microphone   child and adult playing tennis

On Saturday, we were at Maclay Gardens State Park for outdoor fun! Attendees took part in an array of outdoor activities including sit-ski, boat rides, a climbing wall, EcoRover trail adventures, horseback riding, accessible bikes, nature tours, and lawn games.. A live band provided entertainment throughout the day. There was something for everyone regardless of individual interests, ages, and abilities. 

Thank you to all our sponsors, activity providers, volunteers, and community partners.  We could not have done this without you!

We look forward to seeing everyone next year at SportsAbility 2024!

person with a disability doing sit skiing with two assistants   person riding a horse with many people standing nearby  people riding ecorovers on a trail
woman riding recumbant bike in front of FAAST van  three piece band  fwc display with taxidermy deer and pig
people doing lawn fishing  child and adult climbing a rock wall with assistance   volunteers preparing hotdogs and food
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ABOUT SportsAbility

SportsAbility enhances the lives of people with disabilities by promoting active living and providing first-hand access to resources and activities designed to encourage participation regardless of age or ability level. People are able to try everything from sit water-skiing to rock wall climbing, martial arts and much more!

Participants of all abilities learn about the value of recreation and active leisure for everyone – especially people with disabilities. People discover the latest in equipment, trends, and resources. SportsAbility provides an opportunity for people to network with people with disabilities, resource providers, and community organizations. There is NO CHARGE to participants thanks to our generous sponsors.



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