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November 2022

Executive Director's Message

Where can You Find Resources for People of All Abilities? We can help!

There are so many inclusive and adaptive recreation resources available. Our goal is to try to connect people with something that will make their heart soar. We attempt to bring people together. The SportsAbility Expo (March 23-25, 2023 in Tallahassee, FL) is one of the most fun ways you will ever find to conduct research! People can talk with a variety of people that provide programs and services for people of all abilities.

The SportsAbility Expo will showcase everything from the latest in adaptive recreation products to inclusive recreation programs. State agencies have representatives there, so it is a place and time where you can learn everything that is available to you. I learn something new EVERY SINGLE YEAR! We currently are inviting potential exhibitors to join us at SportsAbility and showcase your program, product, destination or event. We are thrilled to partner with new organizations and continue our previous partnerships! To find out more about registering as an exhibitor and what the SportsAbility Expo is all about, please visit

If you can’t make it to the SportsAbility Expo, you can check out the iFind database that is searchable by FL county and by type of activity. If you see something that is not included or should be updated, please let us know. Check it out at

We are thankful for all partners that make the programs possible!

Stay well friends!

Laurie LoRe-Gussak
Executive Director, SportsAbility Alliance

Fodder from the Founder

I can hardly believe that another year is about to come to a close. These last few years have certainly been difficult and challenging to most of us, and not just for our families, friends and community but globally as well.

The SportsAbility Alliance has done very well to adjust, survive and, I think, even to thrive during these difficult “Covid years”.  We have been returning our programs to more personal and interactive ways to pursue our mission to enrich lives through inclusive recreation and active leisure.  We have seen a tremendous enthusiasm of participants as we get people back to play. And even more exciting is in the growth of new people that are getting involved and enjoying our programs.

Along with the early shift of our SportsAbility Expo program into the virtual world, we also adapted many of our large gathering activities that we have typically done over the years and shifted to offering smaller group events with our partners all over the state. These were very successful, and we have embraced that format to now offer different choices at numerous partner sites year-round, as our SportsAbility Sampler program. Watch for announcements as we post them! 

Another very exciting new program that we have been slowly unveiling, is the development of our enhanced ALL-OUT Adventures projects. We have been working with two of our close partners to utilize their amazing new assistive technology products and their personal commitments to offer life enhancing nature based outdoor experiences that include opportunities for people with disabilities and their companions.

Thomas Griffin is a partner who is the founder of Bird Dog Boats and has been taking groups on boating and fishing trips on his totally wheelchair accessible boat. His excursions have booked up and he is expanding his adaptive boating efforts in order to serve more people. To learn more and to book a trip see his BDB web and Facebook sites:

The other new and exciting program that we are developing is with another partner, Cordell Jeter. He is the developer of another fantastic product that is changing the game in accessibility for outdoor recreation. The EcoRover is an all-terrain tracked mobility device that he has been working on for several years and is now producing them near his home in Sarasota. The Eco Rover is not the first product of this type on the market but he has made it his crusade to provide a functionable, dependable and more affordable option. We have joined his crusade with our efforts to offer a way for an even more affordable and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors by offering EcoRover Adventure trips through our SportsAbility Alliance’s ALL-OUT program. 

We have been fortunate to have been awarded several grants from the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida that have enabled us to purchase prototypes of the EcoRover that we have used to offer outdoor excursions to people with disabilities. Just as importantly, we have been able to assist in strenuous testing and design that has helped to bring it to the production point.  We have been able to take the EcoRovers to many locations and venues around the state and have gotten great responses and feedback on the product.  Because we were funded by the FWFF we have been able to take them to Mobility Impaired hunts and other hunting and shooting opportunities as part of the National R3 initiative (Recruit, Retain, and Reactivate, outdoor sports) To learn more about the EcoRover go to:

Our goal is to establish EcoRover Adventure Hubs around the state where the devices can be acquired for a nominal fee and utilized for anyone to enjoy accessible inclusive outdoor recreation experiences when and where you wish, at many different destinations around the state. The reservation and easy pay system will be centralized with online systems and with our local hub operators to provide the delivery with individualized consumer service. The demand for beach and trail mobility options are really helping to pull this program along as we work with outdoor recreation providers and consumers to answer the call for solutions to the enormous need for outdoor accessibility options. The travel, hospitality and destinations industries are showing great interest in our plans to help them provide better inclusion and more value to their offerings by partnering with. Watch for more news on these exciting new projects. 


David Jones
Founder, SportsAbility Alliance


Miracle Sports Kickball Event Image

Miracle Sports - Baseball

Join us for some in-person baseball at Miracle Field at Messer Park (Tallahassee). We play Thursday evenings from January 26 - April 6. At the end of the season, Florida State University (FSU) athletes come and play with the Miracle Sports Athletes. Everyone is welcome to play. No prior experience is necessary. All Ages & All Abilities!

Date(s): Thursdays, January 26 - April 6, 2023

Location: Miracle Field at Messer Park (Field #3 1158-1172 Dupree Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304)

SportsAbility Expo - experience recreation and active leisure

SportsAbility Expo

Location: Activities across Florida and online


What the Orlando Magic Wheels Are All About

Our previous Sports Management intern, Alan Thach, interviewed Jim Moore and Javier Rodriguez, team representative of the Orlando Magic Wheels. The Orlando Magic Wheels (OMW) is a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) where athletes with physical challenges compete in fast moving basketball tournament play. 

Check out this informative YouTube video for more information about the team, it's history and their mission! 


Information for People with a Spinal Cord Injury

Information for People with a Brain Injury

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